Our Expertise

Transparency. Cost. Speed.

SpeedMart TechHire helps global businesses hire talent in India smoothly and cost effectively. We believe in delivering the right skilled fit as per your requirement for mid to senior level resources.

Our model is unique and different from similar companies operating in India. We maintain complete transparency of skill mapping, hiring, compensation and taxation with our clients. The model is comprehensive and akin to the client hiring in its host country, without the bother of employees’ legal and HR compliances.

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Why Choose SpeedMart?

We Provide a Unified Background Screening Solution

Perfect Candidate Matching

SpeedMart ensures the right skilled fit as per your requirement for mid to senior level resource with speedy, transparent and highly intense recruitment with high acceptance rates

Operational Ownership

SpeedMart provides seamless services for the client on employee front for payroll, leave & local engagement issues.

Comprehensive Compliance

SpeedMart screening solutions are designed to help navigate the complexities of local regulatory compliance and security requirements.

Who we are


Established in 2017, SpeedMart® TechHire hires and manages tech and other professionals in India for foreign partners on an EOR model. It also helps overseas companies to set up verticals in India, through bespoke strategic and technology consulting.

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